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Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride

Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride is an all-volunteer 501c(3) Minnesota non-profit charitable organization that was established in 1990. We have a volunteer board of directors that meet monthly and manage the day-to-day operation of the organization. Currently we have 7 board members. We started out as a demonstration project by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) with an initial 3 years worth of funding. We currently recieve around $13,000 annually to be used for program promotional materials from the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Fund that is administered by the Department of Public Safety. The rest of our operating funds come from private donations from individuals or supportive motorcycle organizations. No one involved with the organization receives any compensation for their time or services.

What new functionality we are looking for

We would like our website to do a better job of informing and educating motorcyclists, businesses and the general public about what we do. In an average year, we provide about 25 rides for impaired motorcyclists. In Minnesota, there are about 400,000 people with a motorcycle endorsement and over 250,000 registered motorcycles. Some weekends, we recieve no calls. Impaired riding remains one of the leading or contributing causes in motorcycle accident deaths. But beyond alcohol or drugs as an impairment, there are many other reasons why a motorcyclist or their passenger might be considered 'impaired' that has nothing to do with alcohol or drugs. These other reasons might include medical conditions (diabetes), lack of sleep, dehydration, sunburn, insect bites, injuries, hypothermia or vision impairment (broken glasses/contact lens). We need an easier way for people to report interventions to us (an intervention is just as important as an actual pick-up since it serves the same purpose of preventing an impaired motorcyclists from riding). We would like to make our website more interactive as well as informative and integrate better with other forms of social media (Facebook and Twitter) and devices (cell phones and computers).

How the new functionality will help

We need to do a better job of informing and educating motorcyclists and their passengers about the deadly consequences of riding while impaired. We need to provide another way for people to let us know when a motorcyclist needs assistance. We need to find a more effective way for people to report interventions so that we can relay this information to the Department of Public Safety and to the motorcycling community so that we can justify their volunteer and financial support.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

Before & After Snapshots

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99 Messages from Supporters

2013-02-08 20:44:27 UTC
Susan L. Pipkorn (board member)

Mototcycle Dial-A-Ride offers a safe alternative to impaired rides. Which is overall safer for all people on Minnesota roads.

2013-02-04 14:54:19 UTC
Jean Afrooz Northeast District Director ABATE of MN

Minnesota Dail-a-Ride is a fantastic program run by volunteers. They have saved countless lives over the years by offering a service to impaired riders. They deserve this website makeover so they can reach more people, save more lives and continue the good work they do.

2013-01-16 17:17:38 UTC
Ray Pilgrim

This is one of the most worth while things a volunteer outfit can do to help other Motorcycle riders! The operate on donations only and if you ever been in a situation where you know you had to much fun, and are not capable or want to ride drunk this will save your butt!

Keep you out of jail keep maad mother (fuc*ers) off your back this is it!

It is well worth supporting and may well be saving a life. Nothing as great as helping out a fellow biker, for someday it may be your butt that needs saving.

2013-01-17 04:38:40 UTC

Motorcycle Dial a Ride provides a safe answer to drunk motorcycling. They put a lot of time and resources into educating all people, not just bikers, about the dangers of drinking and driving, and how to avoid getting into that situation.

2013-01-17 19:28:59 UTC
Ron Lischeid

As a Board member and volunteer, I have participated in 1 or 2 pick-ups per year. I can attest to the fact that Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride saves lives. Every one of the people that I have picked up and taken home would have been seriously injured or killed if they had attempted to ride home. Several of these people have passed out/fallen asleep right next to me in the cab of my truck on the way home. While some of the people that I have picked up were initially resentful about not being able to ride home themselves, every one of them was extremely grateful by the time they did arrive home.
The key element to our service is the ability to transport the motorcycle home on a trailer. Very few, if any, motorcyclists are going to leave their motorcycle in a parking lot or parked in the street next to the curb overnight.
My biggest regret each year is that those that rode while impaired and were killed as a result hadn't called our toll-free number for a ride that would have saved their lives.

2013-01-19 00:27:27 UTC
Teri Klaehn

As s member of the MN Motorcycle Safety Advisory Task Force I believe the role Dial-A-Ride serves is vital to the safety of motorcyclists and other motorists. While many locations may offer sober cab or an equivalent program for drivers, Dial -A-Ride is the only option I am aware of that gets riders-- and their bikes--home safely if they drink while out on their bikes. Please choose this organization for a website makeover so they can better get the word out and help keep us all safe!

2013-01-19 22:49:09 UTC
Ray Miller

Dial-a-Ride is a very worthwhile cause. Think about the lives that may be saved! As motorcycle rider's increase in numbers, so do the risk of accidents, Dial-a-Ride is a very important tool in keeping death and injuries down.

Thank you,

Ray Miller

2013-01-24 16:10:04 UTC
Jim Pease

I am a member of A.B.A.T.E of MN South Central Chapter, I volunteer my time to the Dial A Ride program every year. This is a worth while organization that can use all the help they can get. Pleas give them your full support as i have. Thanks

2013-02-02 18:21:09 UTC
Cheryl Sz.

I have not used this service, but bikers do alot of community oriented things, trying to help others. It would be nice to see us get a little help back. It would definately be appreciated! Thank-you, Cheryl Sz.

2013-02-02 17:15:48 UTC
Mack Backlund

Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride of Minnesota has been a great asset to the Minnesota motorcycling community for over two decades. The work of their unpaid volunteers has saved many lives over the years and is a key part of the overall motorcycling safety message in Minnesota. Having worked closely with the Dial-A-Ride board over the years, I am always amazed at the amount of work they accomplish with very limited resources. A redesigned web site will certainly extend the reach of their message and will be appreciated by all involved. Please choose Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride for your project.

2013-02-02 18:18:50 UTC
Leigh Bauman

We have seen the statistics of how motorcycle registration has increased dramatically in a few years. It has also shown how fatal accidents have decreased. This is due in part to the effectiveness of Dial-a-Ride. It saves lives. By increasing its effectiveness in reaching a larger percentage of the population, it will save even more lives.

2013-02-02 18:27:59 UTC
Jon Trashy Smith

I served on the board in the past & I am a volunteer. I have done pickups that if not for Dial A Ride the driver would not have made it home safely. Dial A Ride gives the rider and Passanger a choice other than riding and taking a chance that they will make it home.

2013-02-02 18:46:36 UTC
Linda Carpenter

No biker is going to leave his or her motorcycle anywhere.That's where this organization can help get a biker and their bike safely home.Without this service available it could be a disaster for the biker,their passenger, and anyone on the road.

2013-02-02 18:55:29 UTC
Kevin Todd

How much is a life worth? Is it worth the time it takes to get a FREE service that is totally staffed by Unpaid Volunteers to transport the Driver of his Motorcycle AND his Motorcycle home safely?

Simple answer is YES!!

If just one life is saved because of this service, then a 'Make-Over' for the Website is a No Brainer.
Getting the word out to Everyone as well as making the website easier to use and informative is what a Website should do.

Choosing Dial-A-Ride as your project will not only benefit Dial-A-Ride, but will do a service for all Motorcyclists in Minnesota!

2013-02-02 19:18:43 UTC
Todd Riba

My wife and I went on a pickup. We drove an impaired rider and his motorcycle home. On the way to his house we saw several police cars on patrol. The individual that we picked up was a truck driver and he would have lost he means to earn a living if he lost his license. I also know of two other people that called Dial A Ride for a pick up and if they wouldn't have had that option they probably would have rode when they were very intoxicated. Dial A Ride save lives.

2013-02-02 19:57:46 UTC

As much as I support this cause, I never anticipated that I would ever use it's services. But one night, my attention on the evening's schedule and when I was suppose to be on my way home was replaced with friends and beer. Motorcycle Dial-a-ride got me and my bike home safe and without any lecture, charges, or request for a tip.

2013-02-02 21:23:46 UTC
Michael Nelson

ABATE is a wonderful site and does the alot of good for the motorcycle riding community.In Minnesota, there is very little out there for motorcycles or the riding community. In my opinion, it's imperative to keep this site as up to date as possible in order to keep riders pulgged into new laws, regulations, and motorcycle events.

2013-02-03 14:51:51 UTC
Paul Krause

I am currently on the board for Motorcycle-Dial-A-Ride. I've arranged multiple rides and done pickups. It's good we have saved peoples' driving records and lives. We would appreciate your assistance with our website to help get the message to those who need to know

2013-02-03 16:37:54 UTC

I have never had to use this program myself or with my companion i ride with since we don't drink but I have used it several times for my friends that have needed to have a ride and know there bike has gotten to home safely too. It is there to save lives and there is no judgement that goes with it. your a biker who had to get a ride from a fellow bike who cares and understands. I would use this program if I was in a place and knew I could ride back or if my friends called for me. Thanks Minnesota ABATE for giving us this program.

2013-02-03 17:06:25 UTC
Randy Donahue

As the Chief Deputy of the Murray County Sheriff's Office, I believe the role Dial-A-Ride serves is vital to the safety of motorcyclists and other motorists. There service plays a vital part in not only safety when people have been drinking, but they do training and awareness campaigns to help teach people not to get into the position to need the service. In my law enforcement carreer I have had the misfortune of working far to many crashes that involved an impaired driver. Any thing that can be done to lower the number of impaired drivers on the road will have a significant impact on public safety. In law enforcement our true goal is for people just to get home safely. Dial-A-Ride makes that possible and helps to get the persons motorcycle home safely as well. Please support what they do by choosing them for your project.

2013-02-03 17:22:07 UTC
Shelly Martin

Dial-A-Ride is a wonderful thing! You may not have used it or need it right now but it is nice to know the service is available!

They will get you and your bike home safely no questions asked. Sometimes a night can go longer than anticipated.

Dial-A-Ride has been there for years and it would be nice for someone to do something for them in return.

2013-02-03 18:11:20 UTC
Jill Jose

My volunteer work of Dial A Ride has been getting flyers and coasters out to establishments to bring awareness not only the patrons, but bar owners & employees. However, Dial A Ride is so much more than an organization that offers a free ride to an intoxicated rider. From illness to a diabetic reaction, Dial A Ride is there to bring riders to safety, including their motorcycle and keep the road safe for all on the highway. With the number of motorcycles increasing by leaps and bounds each year on the roads, awareness of this service is essential. Please choose Dial A Ride. Free services in this day are unheard of. Their hearts are much larger than their wallets and deserve your help.

2013-02-03 19:05:55 UTC
Val VanderWeyst

Motorcycle Dial a Ride is a state wide program. It works in the rural area as well as in the metro area. An all volunteer staff put in a lot of hours being there for impaired riders, their passengers and the rider’s motorcycle. A newly designed website would be a wonderful addition to the great service they provide. Motorcycle Dial a Ride provides information to bars/restaurants in the form of posters, napkins, and coasters to help spread the word; all this is done a very limited budget. Please consider this wonderful volunteer organization for your web make over. Thank you

2013-02-03 21:03:10 UTC
David Adams

Designated driver programs have proven to be a good solution for people who consume too much alcohol. There is a sober person to drive them and the car home. That does not work for motorcycle riders. Often, the passenger on the bike does not know how to operate the motorcycle. The bar calling a cab is only a patial solution. It gets the rider home, but what about the bike? A $25,000 motorcycle let on the street or an empty parking lot is a very attactive theft target. You don't need keys, just back a trailer up and roll it on. So riders, like anyone else are over confident of their ability to get the bike home and unwilling to leave their machine behind to be stolen or vandalized.

Dial-A-Ride offers the ideal solution. The pick up the rider, load the bike on to the trailer and get both home safe. The not-for-profit's website is essential to make all establishments serving bikers fully aware of the service to get their patron home without injury to themselves or anyone else. Dial-A-Ride deserves the support of all of us.

David Adams

2013-02-04 01:53:40 UTC

Motorcycle Dial a ride has helped many people in our state. We are so proud of them for all they do.

2013-02-04 13:10:57 UTC
Kari Byro

I believe that Minnesota Dial A Ride is the best thing ever. It's great to know that as a rider, should my driver have too much to drink, I can give them a call, no matter where in Minnesota I am, and they will get us to a safe place. and our bike, so that no one can be hurt or stuck in the middle of no where. I think it's a great thing, and they deserve this makeover. Thank you!

2013-02-04 13:58:52 UTC
Bill Shaffer

I manage the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Program. Motorcycle Dial A Ride has been a strong partner in efforts to reduce the incidence of impaired riding and the fatal and serious injury crashes that can be the outcome of impaired riding. They have demonstrated an amazing commitment to the motorcycling community in staffing and providing this free service for over twenty years; saving lives and preventing injuries.

2013-02-04 18:00:26 UTC

Minnesota Motorcycle Dial A Ride is a model for other states that are looking to organize this type of service for motorcyclists. My husband and I have served on the Board and my husband has made a few pick ups. The volunteers are selfless and give alot of time to making this service visable and available. A web makeover would facilitate reaching a wider group of people and Minnesota Motorcycle Dial A Ride is MOST deserving!!

2013-02-04 20:04:33 UTC

This organization has a great mission and works to keep motorcyclists safe on the road. Their website is an under-utilized asset and would highly benefit from a complete overhaul to expand its capabilities of reaching and connecting with motorcyclists and people who know motorcyclists in a more efficient and effective manner. This organization needs assistance from web editing experts, as some of the additions they could utilize would require more complex coding that they would not have easy access to on their own or the time/funds to commit.

2013-02-04 22:28:57 UTC

Dial a ride is a great service to Minnesotans. While it's always good to plan ahead for a safe ride, sometimes things go awry and Dial a Ride is there.

2013-02-05 00:02:18 UTC

For a motorcyclist, Motorycycle Dial-A-Ride is the answer to "when shit happens"

2013-02-05 02:00:37 UTC
Motorcycle Dial a Ride

Motorcycle Dial a Ride is an excellent program to help motorcyclists make it home safely with their motorcycles.

Professional website help would be an awesome way to spread the word about Dial a Ride, and hopefully save lives by keeping inebriated riders and their bikes together, safe in a truck and trailer.

2013-02-05 03:13:55 UTC
Dale J. Peterson - I.R.M.C.-Northeast Chapter Representative/A.B.A.T.E. of Minnesota

Motorcycle dial a ride is a LIFESAVER! This program offers it's service to any type of IMPAIRED motorcycle rider,SO,if they need to get a better website to help spread the word about the what,where,&why of this awesome program,please feel free to do so with my regards.THANKS

2013-02-05 10:45:55 UTC
Kim Ostlund

I have never had to use this organization personally but I know that it's a great organization that operates totally on donations. They spend countless hours manning the phones from April - October making sure that there is always a safe option for motorcyclists that may have had way to much fun on a particular day. If their website saves even one life that is worth a free makeover.

2013-02-05 20:19:49 UTC
Marlene & Kent Slavik

Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride is a fabulous and very unique organization, started here in Minnesota. They put a lot of effort and time into educating bikers and non-bikers regarding driving/riding while intoxicated. They educate and encourage people to do interventions when friends/family are making poor choices. Motorcycle Dial-A-ride has a large number of volunteers who are willing to pick up someone (and their motorcycle) who has overindulged in alcohol, keeping not only bikers safe from riding their motorcycles drunk, but also keeping the general public safe from drunk motorcylists.

2013-02-05 22:39:11 UTC
Pat Hahn

From 1999-2011, I coordinated public information, education and outreach for the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center. My friends at Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride have been great partners and champions for separating drinking from riding for as long as I can remember!

These folks lead by example, and invest as much (if not more) time in education and prevention as they do transporting impaired riders home. They build strong partnerships in the field (i.e. bar and restaurant owners) and boast a small army of volunteers.

The end result is a group of focused individuals who have improved motorcycle riding culture, saved lives and helped set new, better expectations for motorcycle riders. A renovation of their website and social-media strategy would add serious horsepower to this well-respected organization. Go Team Dial-A-Ride!

2013-02-06 13:27:00 UTC
Renee Burns-Wild Couugars MC

Minnesota Motorcycle Dial A Ride is a great FREE service to help impaired riders do the right thing and get a safe ride home for them & thier motorcycles. I have always, and will always support this organization, The volunteers are selfless and give alot of time to making this service visable and available. A web makeover would facilitate reaching a wider group of people and Minnesota Motorcycle Dial A Ride is MOST deserving!!

2013-02-06 13:28:32 UTC
Bob and Toni McChesney, East Central Chapter

Motorcycle Dial a Ride is a very important cause to support!It has saved many bikers from riding impaired and either winding up dead or worse... Winding up in our legal system. We have volunteered in the past, and look forward to volunteering in the future to help out a fellow rider if the need occurs.

2013-02-06 17:09:22 UTC
Charlie D.

Bottom line, Motorcycle Dial-a-Ride saves lives! It saves potential 1 or 2 riders and other potential victims each and every time it is used. I have been on a pick-up myself. No questions asked or lectures, just a safe ride home. It is a great cause!

2013-02-06 19:03:38 UTC
shawn w

two years ago I was at the chili feed in Wisconsin. As we all know ya don't think much of the time when your partying with good friend and people. It was Saturday night and before ya knew it the sun was coming up..(HOLY CRAP!!! time to pack up and leave.)but i was still drunk so i decided i was going to stay one more night but when everybody left and the place was getting empty i wanted to go home. after i packed up my bike i noticed my front tire was low (really low maybe it was a sign i don't know) but i was still to drunk and tired to ride. i was hanging out with a good friend and she told me about DIAL A RIDE and i said ok
she called and ron was there in about an hour. loaded up my bike and poured me into the passenger seat i told him where i lived and he got me home safe. if it wasn't for that sweet gal (you know who you are) and ron. i would have TRIED to ride home. would i have made it??? I doubt it. so i want to thank DIAL A RIDE and the great people that are behind it. WE need to keep dial a ride. even if it only helps one biker a year its worth it. thank you.

2013-02-06 19:57:13 UTC

Dial a ride is a fantastic organization that has helped so many people! I have personally never used it but have friends that have and they owe their lives to Dial a Ride!

2013-02-06 23:32:43 UTC

Dial a Ride has been a big part of Minnesota culture to keeping people safe! There has been a time or two that I have used Dial a Ride! And it has brought meaning to my family and friend's that there is a program out there that brought me home safley to my love one's!
God bless those people that brought my bike and I home safely!!!!

2013-02-07 04:33:13 UTC

I'm sure I could have used it once - I do have an enclosed trailer to assist.

2013-02-07 05:57:07 UTC
Jeremy Brue

My dad had a Harley 45 back when he was young. He swapped rides with his brother one night. I never meet my uncle. Was it the beer, the bike, or the big oak tree that took his life? I wish Dial a Ride had been around then. I am so glad they are there if me or anybody has had to much.

2013-02-07 12:57:52 UTC

Having access to this wonderful service is a blessing. With an updated website they could reduce needless accidents in the future.

2013-02-08 02:04:45 UTC

Motorcyçle Dial A Ride is a organization that is dedicated to keeping impaired motorcyclists off the roads. It is a great service and much dedication that goes into these volunteers to keep motorcyclists safe as well as educate others on what can happen if you ride impaired. However I have never used the service if the time would ever arise I wouldn't be hesitant to call as well as return the favor for someone else that may ever need help in that situation. Keep it up guys everyone thanks you for everything you do.

2013-02-08 02:31:55 UTC

Motorcycle Dial A Ride is a non-profit charitable organization in name, but the volunteers are the back bone and drive of the organization. Made up of individuals from every walk of life coming together in one common goal, keeping bikers safe. Even though the total testimonials may fall short of the 100, the heart of the volunteers will not. Whether or not they are picked for the website assistance, I know they will continue to educate and provide this excellent service to their fellow bikers.

2013-02-08 07:18:24 UTC

Motorcycle Dial A Ride is a non-profit charitable organization in name, but the volunteers are the back bone and drive of the organization. Made up of individuals from every walk of life coming together in one common goal, keeping bikers safe.

2013-02-08 11:01:38 UTC
jeff h

i think motorcycle dial a ride provides a very valuable service to its community. i personaly have not used the sevice, but its nice to know that there is a great bunch of people out there willing to help you if you find yourself or a friend impaired and in need of this valuable service.

2013-02-08 12:00:16 UTC

Motorcycle Dial A Ride is by far the best program out there when it comes to saving the lives of our brothers and sisters. The volunteers are very much dedicated and throw there day away to help someone get home safe with there motorcycle.
Thank You.

2013-02-08 16:42:07 UTC

Dial - A - Ride is a Great resource for the Motorcycle Community... It does a Great job keeping Motorcyclist from driving drunk... Thank you, Mike

2013-02-08 14:34:18 UTC

There are many who feel that a motorcyclist is a statistic waiting to happen. If that be so, than Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride can offer the opportunity to be a statistic in the win column.

2013-02-08 14:43:04 UTC
Jerrit Prins

Motorcycle Dial A Ride is a Non-Profit organization. I am a volunteer that has been on Dial Ride for many years and have helped people get home safely. Talked to other people and they say Dial A Ride is a got Service.

2013-02-08 15:00:36 UTC

Dial A Ride is a great, non-profit organization that has done a lot of good in our community. The volunteers who work so hard to make this possible are the backbone of our community. Thank you for your service to your fellow bikers! Let's all work together towards the common goal of keeping bikers safe!

2013-02-08 15:01:19 UTC

thanks to dial a ride for the lives you a sober individual I have seen this
program work

2013-02-08 15:14:41 UTC
Ed Murphy

Dial a Ride saves lives. Everyone has heard of MADD but, there are people that don't know that one call to Dial A Ride gets you and your bike a free ride home no strings attached and no BS. Please help save a few more lives, get the word out that there's no reason to be impaired on a bike in the state of Minnesota.

2013-02-08 15:14:54 UTC

They save lives what more is there to say.

2013-02-08 15:23:39 UTC

I can tell you first hand DAR works!

2013-02-08 15:35:16 UTC

A few people work hard by donating their time and talent to this non-profit organization year round, so the roads will be a little safer for everyone. Most people are unaware of their efforts. By improving the web site and it's accessibility, others will be informed. Once someone has called Motorcycle Dial A Ride, a volunteer with a trailer drives to the necessary location and intervenes in what could be a drunken driver, over tired driver, etc. This volunteer may spend his winter months lobbying state representatives on the importance of motorcycle safety legislation, direct his or her energy to fund raiser for the organization and do whatever else is required to keep this organization operational.

All of this is done simply to keep motorcyclists and the community at large safer. Does it reinforce drinking and driving? No, that -- unfortunately -- will continue, but likely without those where Motorcycle Dial a Ride has intervened, and those who witness their service and are reminded of the importance of never driving while impaired. Consequently, everywhere you see their name, everywhere you see a donation opportunity, everywhere you see one of the clearly identified trailers, you see prevention. You see people directing their precious personal time to meet with your legislators, put together fund raisers and perhaps even bring your loved one home safely. With more visibility, this group will undoubtedly grow, casting a much longer shadow of prevention through their visibility.

2013-02-08 15:49:07 UTC
Kristie Orn

Motorcycle Dial A Ride is a life saving organization. It covers all corners of the state with volunteers who willingly go out at all hours during the riding season to pick up impaired motorcyclists. The Board of Directorsg goes above and beyond the call of duty to keep the organization running year after year.

2013-02-08 15:53:37 UTC
Mike Edgett

I have had the pleasure of distributing Motorcycle DIAL-A-RIDE information for well over (10) years now and I have seen the great life saving service in action. I was fortunate enough to be involved in making pick ups and helping troubled motorcyclists in my time as a volunteer. There is an overwhelming feeling when you complete a pick up and realize you prevented someone from getting hurt; or even saving someone's life. There is a deep sense of satisfaction that you made a difference.

Minnesota Motorcycle DIAL-A-RIDE is a very rewarding volunteer program being run by some wonderful people who really care about motorcycle safety. Please continue the great work and the rest of us will do a btter job of helping support the program. We contribute through United Way, fund raising events and making donations from many levels. Thank you for all the program does and the wonderful message and lessons you provide.

2013-02-08 15:54:38 UTC

I have seen first hand the benefits of this program and I believe anything that will help them to do a better job infroming the public is well worth it. Please support our group

2013-02-08 16:00:35 UTC
Ashley Adamek

I have never heard of this program before---that is a problem! As a wife that rides the motorcycle any time I get the chance to (but don't have my own motorcyle license) and a wife who's husband rides it all of the time, I would love to know more about this program. I know there are several times where we could have and should have utilized it's services for a variety of reasons. We have lost several friends to various types of motorcycle accidents that could have been easily prevented if there was someone else to pick up their bike or to ride their bike home for them.

What an amazing program! I hope to learn more about it and intend on spreading the word to all of our friends and family! I hope theyh can receive money for revamping of their website, perhaps more lives can be saved or put at less risk if the word is out there! Thank you for all you do!!!

2013-02-08 16:07:04 UTC
Dave Herzog

Motorcycle Dial-A-ride has been utilized on numerous occasions in this area of our state. The typical function of our calls entail finding a secure location for the riders motorcycle and giving the cyclist a ride home, or a place to stay for the night. An intervention, allowing them a fresh start in the morning!

2013-02-08 16:07:47 UTC

Bottom line, we need help saving lives, please help us improve on our efforts! Peace - kendra

2013-02-08 16:17:35 UTC
Liz Herzog

Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride is an important part of riding responsibly. It provides an essential part of making sure friends don't let friends ride impared! Providing a link between an impaired rider and a safer tomorrow...

2013-02-08 16:27:09 UTC
Leah Zimmerman

We have never used Dial a Ride but if we would ever need to, it's great to know its there for us and all other motorcyclists. No matter where we are, we can call and they will be the legs for us to get to a safe location. This service is all done by volunteers, they donate their time to get flyers and coasters out to establishments. Even if a person breaks down or has a medical emergency that really doesn't require an ambulance, Dial A Ride will assist you, it's just not there for the intoxicated driver. I feel that there may be people out there that may not know this and it needs to be made known. Any update that could be done to the website would be greatly appreciated.
I wish all motorcyclists a save and wonderful riding season that is just right around the corner!

2013-02-08 16:31:20 UTC

As a part-time bartender and a member of the motorcycling community, the value of Dial-A-Ride is unquestionable in keeping impaired motorcyclists and their passengers off the road and safe. An updated website would be a great help with their safety mission!

2013-02-08 16:47:00 UTC

This is a MUST. There is Taxi services for the general public, but to have a service such as this is a blessing. Please support this great and wonderfull group.

2013-02-08 17:22:11 UTC
Mary Berger

Dial-A-Ride provides a very valuable service to motorcyclists in Minnesota, and has been instrumental in reducing alcohol related accidents and fatalities. An improved website would help them share their message with even more motorcyclists. Please help them save more lives!

2013-02-08 17:47:06 UTC
Jim J

The value of the Dial-A-Ride program is a no-brainer! Even if an enhanced website helps only one impaired rider and/or passenger, wouldn't that be awesome!! Please support this!!

2013-02-08 17:58:53 UTC

This is an excellent program which unlike Helmet Laws, is a realistic pro-active approach to helping reduce injury and fatalities for motorcycle riders. It is an inspiring program that solves a need by a community of people pitching in without selfishness or pay. I really urge those powers that be to help continue this effort.

2013-02-08 18:52:23 UTC

I was out of control at a birthday celebration that I attended on my bike. I made the mistake of not eating and still kept drinking. The people who had the party called this Dialaride place and i couldn't beleive they would help me. They came out and picked me and bike up and brought me to my other friends house and gave the keys to them so I couldn't leave until the next day. I am sure they made it possible for me still be riding sober today. I never thanked them so I hope this gets to the ones that helped me. I really do thank you.

2013-02-08 19:16:56 UTC
Stephanie Kaufenberg

I work with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety in the Office of Communications with the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center. In the year with the program, I have learned the strong relationship our program has with Minnesota Dial-A-Ride and for good reason. Immpaired riding is a large contributer for motorcyclist fatalities and is an area we address frequently in our messaging. Dial-A-Ride helps extend that message and takes additional steps to ensure riders and their bikes get home safely. In addition, they do it all through volunteering their time, energy and resources. I cannot think of a more worthy organization for a website makeover than this one, for not only allowing a stronger web presence for their services and information, but also because those who volunteer do not have the time or funds to commit to creating the type of website they would benefit most from. A website where riders and their family members and friends can visit and interact to learn more, advocate intervention and set-up a safe ride home.

2013-02-08 19:25:27 UTC

Please help revamp the Dial-A-Ride website! It saves lives... what could be more deserving than a program such as this? A safe ride home home for you and your bike with no lectures- win win situation! Thanks to the countless volunteers who make this program what it is.

2013-02-08 19:33:00 UTC

Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride is a fantastic organization that’s run completely by unpaid volunteers and is dedicated to keeping motorcyclists safe. Bottom line, this organization saves lives. I lost my significant other several years ago when we were crashed into by an impaired motorcyclist. He and his passenger died as well. Had Dial-A-Ride been available in that state, the accident might have been avoided and three lost lives might have been saved. Please help Dial-A-Ride update their website so they can more effectively help save lives and educate the public about impaired riding.

2013-02-08 19:45:06 UTC
Tony Corporon

This is a great program we are the only state with it it would be benifit to all to have a better web page to promote it

2013-02-08 21:21:14 UTC

I have seen this work, and it works great for keeping both the rider and the public safe.

2013-02-08 22:12:32 UTC

A service by, and for, all bikers. No questions asked. Except for directions to your home. What more could a person ask for? An excellent program that helps us all.

2013-02-09 02:58:05 UTC

As a volunteer, I am happy to be involved with an organization that is driven by a cause they truly believe in. I prefer to volunteer with people that are well organized, and they keep things moving forward. People I have been involved with in this organization truly appreciate the service provided for them. A goal to prevent drinking and riding as well as fewer injuries and deaths is a great reason for me to volunteer.

2013-02-09 00:57:26 UTC

A group of volunteers dedicated to making sure bikers get home safe. MN MC DIAL A RIDE is a great grassroots organization, motorcyclists policing themselves!! MC DIAL A RIDE promotes sober riding, but goes one step further by getting bikers and their cycle home safe in the case that the biker over indulged. Volunteers also proactively do interventions if they see a biker who has drank too much. A revamped website would go a long way to spread the word of sober riding and service available as a last resort.

2013-02-09 03:00:24 UTC
Leroy Risk

As a board member, I truely believe that our Motorcycle Dial a Ride is a great organization. I have been a member for several years. I really hope that we can be blessed with this opertunity to get a make over of our web site. I'm hoping that it would help get the word out about our service to the public. I have made a few pick ups in the past, it is definately rewarding to know that you can save a life.

2013-02-09 03:06:17 UTC

Keeping people safe by providing a sober driver for bikers that are to drunk to ride. Should have the support of everyone.

2013-02-09 03:07:58 UTC

Motorcycle Dial A Ride is a "one of a kind" organization. Hopefully someday other states will be able to develop a program like it. Its saved many lives

2013-02-09 03:08:33 UTC
frank ernst

My wife Vicki was a member of the Board of Motorcycle Dial Ride when they incorporated. she spent many years working to make this a successful program. I am a past President and current board member of Motorcycle Dial A Ride. Our goal and the goal of others volunteering to serve Motorcycle Dial Ride, help motorcyclists make good choices and provide options if needed so they get home safe. Motorcyclists and safety conscious citizens helping one another to live and ride another day.

2013-02-09 03:16:32 UTC
Cody Fedder

As an motorcyclist it is nice to know that if u have too much to drink u have the choice not to drive and a phone call away from getting home safe motorcycle dial a ride is a great organization.

2013-02-09 03:45:43 UTC

Keep this number handy, 1-888 DIALRID(E) OR 1-888-342-5743, during the MC riding season to save yourself or a buddy from a DWI / DUI or becoming a crash statistic. Its a great group of volunteers doing a thankless job to keep you safe.

2013-02-09 03:47:25 UTC
Big B

It was just over a year ago, I received a call from a bartender 50 miles north of me asking if I could come pick up a a fellow biker that he had deemed too drunk to ride. He got my number from who knows where but I told the bartender I would get the guy home, just dont let him leave on his bike. I'm not a Dial A Ride volunteer but I have friends that are, and things worked out that we got the guy a ride home safe and sound. It would be much better for all involved if DIAL A RIDE had a better presence on the world wide web to help those that ask for it.

2013-02-09 03:59:52 UTC
M. Griffin

Great Idea and a good thing to help bikers stay safe when an oops happens.

2013-02-09 04:19:06 UTC
Adam Fehn

this assassination is a good way to help rider's to get home safe if they have been out drinking

2013-02-09 19:44:43 UTC

Minnesota Dial-A-Ride saves lives! We need more organizations like this!!!

2013-02-09 05:35:37 UTC

I agree with Adam, if you can't assassinate them, just hook up the trailer and give them a ride home. Thanks DAR for all you do.

2013-02-09 08:11:56 UTC
Mad Puppy

Minnesota's Motorcycle Dial A Ride is a group of volunteers working hard to save lives and deserves to be recognized for all their hard work. They are always there to serve, when that call comes in.

2013-02-09 13:42:28 UTC
Beth Engstrom

You might think, why are folks drinking and riding in the first place. You have a beautiful summer day, so few in Minnesota, out riding the lakes, stop now and then for a cold one and you realize you've had one to many. That is where Dial-A-Ride comes into the picture. The volunteers take time to distribute napkins and flyers to these establishments all around their area. You read the info and hopefully you make the decision to be responsible to yourself and the others on the road and give Dial-A-Ride a call. The dedicated volunteer will come and pick you and your bike up and take you safely home. I have seen first hand how Dial-A-Ride has grown over the years because these folks are getting this vital information out there and riders are responding.

2013-02-09 16:34:19 UTC
Susan Tabor

I urge generous support for Dial a Ride in its efforts to keep impaired motorcyclists off our roads.

2013-02-09 22:51:18 UTC

Supporter of Mn Dial-A-Ride

2013-02-09 23:58:53 UTC
Donna Jackson

Dial-A-Ride is an outstanding non-profit service that needs to continue and grow its' service throughout the state of Minnesota. It definitely fills a niche that saves lives over and over again each riding season here in Minnesota.

2013-02-10 15:20:10 UTC
Dawn & Dean

Dial A Ride is the best thing a motorcycle rider can have. Being able to call for a ride and have your bike hauled home also is an AWESOME thing. I don't always ride with my husband and if he decides to have a couple of beers he can always call and get a ride home SAFELY through Dial-A-Ride. One doesn't plan to have to much to drink or drink at all when on a ride but it happens. It is more likely that an impaired motorcycle rider will have an accident than someone in a car. Why not save lives by using Dial-A-Ride! I am sure there may be a day we are happy Dial-A-Ride is available for us. I want all my friends and to use Dial-A-Ride.

2013-02-11 02:03:20 UTC
Jeremy Mauseth State Rep Flatlanders

Dial a ride is a wonderful organization that i have seen in action personally. It takes a lot of work to cover the state of Minnesota, but many good people donate their time to take care of the safety of other motorcyclist. In this age I know of no other organization of people that will look after another complete strangers safety. That's what motorcylcist do for each other. If more people would be there brothers keeper this world would be in great shape. This is why Minnesota Dial a Ride deserves this honor you are handing out. Thank for for your consideration.

Our Mission

Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride, Inc. is a non-profit 501C3 volunteer run organization established in 1990 dedicated to the mission of educating Minnesota's motorcyclist about the consequences of riding and drinking, of encouraging the use of intervention methods to prevent impaired riders from riding, and, if necessary, providing a safe and free ride service to motorcyclist in Minnesota as a final intervention method. If we are asked for help, we dispatch a volunteer with a vehicle capable of transporting up to 2 passengers and a trailer to be used to also transport the impaired motorcyclist's motorcycle. Minnesota is the only state that has a program like this Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride, Inc. is a free service available throughout the entire state of Minnesota on weekends and Holidays beginning each year on the last weekend in April and ending the last weekend in October. Our hours of operation are from 6:00 P.M. on Friday through bar closing time on Sunday, including the legal holidays of Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day when they fall on non-weekend days. Motorcyclists in the state of Minnesota can call our toll free number, 1-888 DIALRID(E) OR 1-888-342-5743 during the hours of service and Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride Inc. will dispatch a volunteer equipped to transport the motorcyclist, passenger, and their motorcycle from a public establishment to the rider's home or local accommodation. Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride, Inc. is supported by the efforts of ABATE of Minnesota, Inc.,(American Bikers for Awareness Training and Education), motorcycle organizations, businesses, and a group of over 200 volunteers statewide who respond to provide this free service. While Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride, Inc. needs to act responsibly and ask for the identification, proof of motorcycle ownership, and written permission before we can transport, Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride, Inc. keeps all such motorcyclist information confidential. Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride, Inc. is truly a dedicated and unique organization of motorcyclists supporting motorcyclist!