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Minneapolis 2013,

Phillips Neighborhood Clinic

The Phillips Neighborhood Clinic is a nonprofit clinic established to provide health services to low-income patients of the Phillips neighborhood and the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area. We are a free, student-run, volunteer clinic composed of students from six schools of the University of Minnesota: Nursing, Medicine, Public Health, Social Work, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy, who are all overseen by volunteer preceptors (licensed health care professionals) from across the community. All patients are eligible for our free care regardless of factors such as income or insurance status.

The clinic operates out of the basement of a church and is open to see patients two evenings per week. We see nearly 1,000 patients annually, and our 350 student volunteers provide approximately 23,000 volunteer hours each year. The clinic is operated by students, and licensed practitioners supervise our clinical volunteers. Our health professional students work together in interprofessional care teams that include volunteers from all six schools listed above, and we are therefore able to provide a more holistic style of care to our patients. All of our services are offered free of charge including physical exams, pediatric care, well child visits, sports physicals, women’s health, contraception/birth control, prescription medications, pharmacy care, diabetic treatment, physical therapy, nutrition services, mental health counseling, assistance with applications for public programs (including Medical Assistance, MN Care, and GAMC), lab tests, STI and HIV testing and counseling, pregnancy tests and referrals, blood pressure checks, and cholesterol, blood, and urine tests.

The population our clinic serves faces significant barriers to accessing health care. The majority (73%) of clinic patients reside in Hennepin County, and many of these patients come from the Phillips neighborhood. This area is one of the most diverse and culturally rich of any neighborhood in the Twin Cities area. Nearly 32% of families and 41% of children in the area live below the poverty line, and there is a 13% unemployment rate. The median family income is $26,405, compared to $48,602 city-wide, and the median household income is $21,353, compared to $37,974 city-wide. Nearly 60% of our patient population does not have health insurance, and 82% does not have access to a regular healthcare provider.

In addition, our patients come from diverse backgrounds. Different races and ethnicities represented at the clinic include African, African-American, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic/Latino; 21% of patients self-identified as Hispanic and 15% as white. In addition, primary languages at the clinic include Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, English, French, Korean, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, and Vietnamese; 27% of patients reported speaking English as their primary language, and 23% reported speaking Spanish. At the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic, we strive to provide culturally sensitive and appropriate care, and we offer have Spanish interpreters available during every clinic night and interpreters speaking other languages are available by request.

What new functionality we are looking for

The website should have dual functionality, including internal (for volunteers) and external (for patients and public) interfaces. The website layout should be straightforward for a new user to find all the information that they need without having intimate knowledge of the website. Also, it should be easily editable by admins with limited training.

External interface for patients, donors, and community partners:

Clinic calendar schedule

Services provided

Patient and volunteer testimonials

Pictures and videos describing the PNC and our mission

Administrators’ contact information

Donation page

Referral information for other important community resources

Search tool

Internal interface for volunteers and preceptors:

Educational tools, including online learning modules and quizzes

Policies and procedures

Volunteer schedule with the ability to update in real-time


Clinic workflow documents

Search tool


Individual volunteer profiles

Community outreach assignments and scheduling

How the new functionality will help

An improved internal website would help with the operation of clinic and organization of volunteer efforts. Having a website where volunteers can easily find resources, policies, and information would enhance the ability of volunteers to provide care and find serving at the PNC an educational experience. A well-structured, organized website will give our volunteers and administrators the ability to store and retrieve documents so knowledge gained over our volunteers’ 2-3 years, will be passed along effectively to the incoming volunteers. In addition, another important component of the PNC is the outreach volunteer commitment that our students make to other non-profit organizations within the community. An improved internal website will enable us to better serve these other organizations to further help the community.

And improved external website would help advertise PNC services to the community, especially limited offerings of specialty services. This would help to grow our patient population and better reach community members most in need. Donors and potential volunteers would also view our external website for more information about clinic. This increased awareness could be crucial as we are growing. The PNC’s growth is wholly dependent on increased funding from donations and grants, as well as more enthusiastic volunteers in the volunteer pool. Having a better “face of the clinic” on the internet will help us make crucial connections with both interested donors and interested students, which will allow for expansion of clinic services and capabilities.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

Before & After Snapshots

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61 Messages from Supporters

2013-02-05 15:13:28 UTC

I volunteer at the PNC and have been associated with the clinic since last Fall. The clinic is a wonder on many levels, but what strikes me every time I volunteer there is the appreciation from the people we serve, the patients. A majority of our patients are without healthcare insurance; either they are between jobs or simply down on luck at the moment. We are able to provide access to care for these people including general assessments, labs, and medications. Importantly, the PNC provides this service in what I believe to be a comfortable, culturally sensitive, and warm environment. I have volunteered at many places before, but the PNC is a special place beyond most when I witness first-hand the appreciation of our patients and all the other emotions that go with health care.

2013-02-05 16:01:30 UTC

I love that the PNC is there to benefit the patient on multiple levels. It benefits the patient through collaborate work amongst health care providers and through great patient care shown by each member of the PNC team. It also benefits future patients by giving the health care students a venue to learn more about different poplulations of patients, about those that are underserved, about how to work as a team, how to overcome obstacles and challenges, and how to see the benefit in what we do!

2013-02-05 16:13:59 UTC

The Phillips Neighborhood Clinic is truly a one of a kind clinic. This clinic provides real world experience for students while providing much needed services to the people who need it most. While there are other student run clinics in the United States, PNC is unique in that it not only provides medical services, but also mental health, physical therapy, nutrition, and even has specialized nights for podiatry and dermatology. As fantastic as this clinic is, it's website sucks. No, really. Yes it has the general information needed so that patients can find it, but it doesn't have a whole lot else. We want our patients to know that they aren't just coming to some hole-in-the-wall clinic, they are going to receive quality services. This website also needs to be used for donors, so we need something more snazzy to get those dollars rolling in. PNC is more than worthy of receiving a new website and I hope it is chosen for this amazing opportunity.

2013-02-05 16:18:58 UTC

I have only been volunteering at the PNC for a semester now, but I already absolutely love being able to be even a small part of such a great cause. The PNC stands for more than just giving back to the community. Not only does it help the underserved population, but it also gives professional students a chance to practice their skills to improve the quality of care they give after graduation. It allows students to become very culturally sensitive. In a country in transition to a dramatically changing healthcare system, I believe cultural sensitivity will be extremely crucial to be sure every patient receives the same quality of care. The PNC also offers interpreters to make the patient feel more comfortable communicating during their visit. It is obvious that the patients are very grateful for all of the services we provide. Many patients are returning patients and state that they are much more comfortable coming to the PNC than any other clinic because of the welcoming, open environment along with our free services. These service do not go unappreciated by the patients or by the students. The PNC is always in need to continue to improve. I believe updating our website would be extremely helpful in expanding the clinic in hopes to serve even a wider population in need.

2013-02-05 16:23:53 UTC

The PNC has been very important in my education as a physical therapy student. I have been able to have incredible clinical experiences with patients that I would likely not be able to help and treat in a more typical physical therapy clinic. I really appreciate the time and energy that all the student volunteers give, but I especially hold the preceptor clinicians in high regard because they are volunteering their professional time and services to serve the underserved in Phillips neighborhood. While PNC has been valuable for me from a hands-on experience perspective, my shift in perception on the medically underserved population will affect the way I treat patients throughout my career. Being an interprofessional multidisciplinary clinic, I have the opportunity to see the struggles, the needs, and the successes of patients and the way that each profession has something unique and important to offer the patients. The number one reason we serve is to benefit the patients and the community, it is inspiring to see the changes in patient's health and lives and how offering better access to health care can positively impact a neighborhood and greater community.

2013-02-05 16:34:43 UTC

The PNC is a wonderful completely volunteer run clinic that provides quality care and resources to its patients at no cost. Not only are people in the community provided increase access to care, but the volunteers at PNC are also given a valuable first-hand experience with interdisciplinary care, learning about health disparities, and working in a diverse community.

2013-02-05 16:46:31 UTC

The PNC has been a tremendous experience for me that has been both challenging and very enriching. Every night in clinic brings something different and rewarding whether it's appreciation from a patient or a new relationship with another volunteer. The PNC strives on its interprofessionalism that provides student professionals with the opportunity to learn and work side-by-side from a range of health and academic disciplines. Not only have I gained professional skills and knowledge from the clinic, but I have also met lifelong friends and colleagues to support and stimulate my professional and personal development.

2013-02-05 16:49:28 UTC

As a second year student, I have gained so much from the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic. I have gained skills as a clinician that are so valuable and cannot be taught or learned in a classroom. The PNC has also allowed me to get a greater understanding of the people within the Phillips Neighborhood and the area surrounding the clinic. Getting into the community and volunteering outside of the clinic has really helped me understand the people better. Additionally, the PNC has allowed me to take leadership roles within the clinic which mimics roles I may take in my future career. As we enter our 10th year of the clinic, I think we've come a long way and served so many patients but we have room for growth and will continue to expand our role in the philips neighborhood and continue to expand the treatment and care we give to our patients.

2013-02-05 17:09:48 UTC

I have been a volunteer at the PNC for the past 6 semesters and I really love the interdisciplinary learning that happens. As a pharmacy student in a student run clinic I have the ability to interact with patients at a much deeper level that I would in other clinic settings. I also get to learn not only from pharmacist preceptors, but from social workers, physicians, and nurse practitioners. I am learning how to practice at the top of my licensure when I graduate. I am grateful for my opportunity to learn and grow as a student in a way that stays with me much better that a lecture ever could. I am also happy that patients in the community can get free healthcare that they otherwise would not get.

2013-02-05 17:29:36 UTC
PNC Volunteer

A new website for the PNC could make an enormous impact on the clinics ability to deliver care and generate additional funding.

The PNC holds true to its mission: It provides a valuable service to the community and improves the quality of education for future health professionals.

2013-02-05 19:27:54 UTC
Autumn Chmielewski - Board Member, Donor & Volunteer

I am continually amazed by how much the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic can do with so little. The students and professional health practitioners who volunteer their time here care deeply about others and provide amazing care to some of the most vulnerable members of our community. The clinic is a safe place where anyone can receive care free of charge and the range of services including mental health, nutrition, physical therapy, diabetic care coordination, basic health services and free prescription medications are hard to find anywhere else. The great care provided in the clinic is not accurately reflected by the clinic's website. A new website would allow the clinic to reach even more people in need and help assure that every member of our community has access to basic health services and a better life.

2013-02-05 19:51:28 UTC

I am a first year medical student volunteer and while my time at PNC has been limited, I have already learned an immense amount about clinical care. PNC affords students an opportunity to give back to the community, learning how to work on an interdisciplinary team, and work on our patient skills. There are often updates about procedures, events, new resources, quick sheets etc. which get emailed to us. It would be great to have an internal page on the website to serve as a centralized location for all updates to be listed. It would make for a very effective communication tool and make it easier to check for the latest updates on a shift rather than having to sift back through old emails to read something.

2013-02-05 20:31:14 UTC

I am a volunteer at the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic (PNC) and I can see firsthand the impact that we have on the field of healthcare. The patients that we serve truly value and appreciate our services, and our volunteers are learning to work interprofessionally while still in school. For patients, we provide them with healthcare and prescription drugs that they otherwise would not have access to. For the students, developing skills of interprofessionalism while in training will lead to enhanced collaborative care in practice. What the volunteers at the PNC do is truly quite remarkable, and it is evident the care and attention going into the clinic is unmatched.

One thing that our clinic could use, however, is a website that can be easily navigated for volunteers, and more importantly patients. As the clinic continues to grow in size and popularity, we really need a website that is accessible and represents our efforts the best way possible. Thank you for your consideration!

2013-02-05 22:22:28 UTC

The Phillips Neighborhood Clinic is an organization built to make sustainable change in the health of the community. It serves as a safety net for patients without insurance or facing other barriers to healthcare. It also serves to connect health professional students with the South Minneapolis community through outreach and education about culturally sensitive care. This helps prepare future health care professionals for the challenges of working in underserved areas and providing top-notch care for a diverse patient population.

2013-02-05 23:10:48 UTC

A well designed website is much needed for the wonderful community resource. For patients it is quite cumbersome and does not provide enough information or ease of use to be useful to our patient demographic. For the volunteers, it is supposed to behave as a communication focal point but is so hard to navigate that it is hardly ever used. As we change our volunteers every year, it would be very beneficial to our patients and volunteers to have a well designed website to facilitate our mission of providing great medical care to the underserved populations in our communities.

2013-02-05 23:40:51 UTC

If there were an improved website, we could get more people involved in the PNC. It would be very beneficial to the community and student volunteers to have as much funding and well informed patients as possible!

2013-02-06 00:09:39 UTC

I'm a nursing student at the U, and volunteering for the clinic has been amazing. I have an opportunity to work hands-on with patients; I help care for patients who have fallen in the cracks of the regular healthcare system. Every night that the clinic is open we provide a valuable service that provides both immediate and long-term help to the community.

2013-02-06 03:13:13 UTC

I am currently a third year nursing volunteer at the PNC. It is amazing to me how many people the clinic is able to help in our community at absolutely no cost to them. Everyone deserves quality healthcare, whether they are able to pay for it or not. Not only does this clinic provide great services to those in need, it also helps foster interprofessionalism between all of the student volunteers. This will lead to better teamwork between future healthcare professionals and ultimately better service for our patients. A new website would be a great help in communicating our services to our patients so that they are able to fully take advantage of all we have to offer.

2013-02-06 13:47:01 UTC
Kathryn Thesing - Board Member and Volunteer

I have worked with the PNC for over a year and a half, and I have seen the amazing work that our volunteers do to help our patients and the greater Phillips neighborhood and community. Our students work in interprofessional teams to provide holistic care to our patients, assist patients with social service needs, and volunteer at outreach sites in the community to further benefit our patient population. We accept all patients regardless of factors such as insurance and immigration status, and we serve them in a compassionate and culturally competent manner.

In addition, I have benefited in so many ways from this experience. As a future healthcare administrator, I have learned valuable skills in compassionate caring for the undersinsured population, cultural competency, interprofessional teamwork, and working with the community. Through my volunteer shifts at the clinic, my experiences on the board, and volunteering at outreach sites in the community, I have grown as a healthcare leader and learned how to serve others. I am confident that my experiences with the PNC will enrich my future career in healthcare.

2013-02-06 15:38:19 UTC
Dr. Laura Wellington

I have been precepting at the PNC for 3 1/2 years. It is an incredible learning environment for students and a wonderful way for physicians and practitioners to give back to a community in need. The patients invariably are so grateful to be treated with such care and to have their needs met to the best of PNC's ability. It is a true gem in the world of clinics because it is mutually beneficial, both for the patients who receive free care as well as for the students, who are able to learn hands-on, practical skills needed for their various degrees. I know that any further developing of the website would be a great service for both the students/professionals who run the clinic, as well as for the community it serves. It is a wonderful clinic and should be supported in anyway possible.

2013-02-06 15:40:43 UTC
Sharon Lehrman, MPH, RD, LD

I have been a preceptor at the PNC for almost 2 years supervising the Nutrition component of the clinic. The energy and caring of the students, quality of care, and sensitivity to cultural differences are so impressive! We need an enhanced website to better represent the services we offer and get the word out to the community about this fantastic community service.

2013-02-06 16:07:15 UTC

The PNC fulfills an essential and neglected role in the Phillips Neighborhood. The resources at the clinic not only provide care for unserved and ill patients, but they connect them to primary and specialty care in other clinics and help them apply for health insurance. A website that helped us further the PNC mission into the cyberworld would be amazing!

2013-02-06 16:45:21 UTC
Kathy Anderson, PT

I have served as a preceptor for the physical therapy students at Phillips Neighborhood Clinic for about 4 years. The opportunity to provide a enhanced web site would greatly assist with coordination of all the schedules and partners of the clinic, and to create a smoother experience for the clients. The work of the clinic helps to bridge a gap in availablity and access of services for this community, and therefore address health care disparities. It is very important to all of us to have healthy members of our community.

2013-02-06 17:06:31 UTC

As a PNC alum of the Mental Health/Counseling area, I cannot speak highly enough of this program. The PNC provides wonderful service to the community, and is another opportunity for professional development. The PNC is a low-cost way to reach out to those who are underserved, as well as allow for a place for professionals to increase skills.
As with any organization of they day and age, the key to reaching out to a wider audience is to have a good website. The one shortcoming of this organization would be it's website. It is not something I even like to pass on to other professionals, or clients themselves. This is a very worthy program, which has the ability to really impact the lives of those it serves. The more people the PNC can reach out to, the greater the impact these wonderful volunteers can make. Any resource, especially a website, would be justified and greatly welcomed.

2013-02-06 18:20:45 UTC

The Phillips Neghborhood Clinic is an outstanding resource for patients who for whatever reason have faced obstacles to accessing health care. An eager team of health care professional students await patients two nights a week to not only address their medical concerns but also reach out to an underserved community. Our patients are hardworking people who often have to wait too long before seeking care because of obstacles they face in accessing that very care. The PNC is a unique resource that aims to provide excellent care to our patients. A new website would not only help the volunteers at the PNC but would help us reach out to our patient population.

2013-02-06 18:53:42 UTC
Dr. Nicholas Jubert

When I was in medical school I volunteered with the PNC. Not only does the clinic provide free medical care to a population that routinely has difficulty when it comes to access to medicine, but it also serves as an opportunity for early medical practitioners to work closely with physicians, pharmacists, and physical therapists who are so dedicated to serving the community. These mentors taught me a lot about the practice of medicine, and I am grateful for that, but they also taught me that there is more to being a good doctor than just providing diagnosis and medicine.


2013-02-06 19:58:18 UTC

The PNC is vital part of its community, and having a better way to communicate both with volunteers and preceptors is important. But I believe that this opportunity would primarily serve our wide spread patient population. Having a clear, well done website will help us spread the word about the amazing services we provide, the goals and missions, and help us expand them as we grow. The PNC is one of the main reasons I chose to attend the University of Minnesota, and the lessons that future practitioners learn, as well as serving the population that needs it most, are incredible gifts to the community at large.

2013-02-06 22:36:44 UTC
Ken Bence

I am a member of the clinic's community advisory board, and I am pleased to write in support of their application! I am very impressed with the clinic's volunteer student leadership, and it serves a unique and critical niche in the Twin Cities health care landscape. What the clinic would be able to accomplish with a new web site would greatly enhance its ability to fulfill its mission of community outreach and quality, culturally appropriate medical care. Because the clinic's model of governance is such that its leadership turns over every year, it is very important that they have a secure place to record and store management records and documents. I think this would be a great project for the Nerdery to help them with. Thank you for your consideration.

2013-02-07 01:18:02 UTC
Brooke Darst Rice, DPT

PNC provides a wide variety of health care services to people who would not otherwise have access, meaningful professional mentorship between experienced clinicians and students, and a greater awareness for medical students and staff in the needs of our community. A new website is a critical link between professional mentors and participating students to promote quality care.

2013-02-07 03:33:19 UTC
Stephanie Ranzau, student volunteer

I am with all of the above posters and their enthusiasm for and dedication to the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic!

The PNC is one of several interprofessional student-run clinics in the nation, but it is one of the very few that offers such broad services. While interprofessionalism can be defined as working between more than one profession, PNC takes it to the next level and involves many of the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center professions! On any given night at clinic, you can find students providing services (under supervision of our dedicated preceptors) for nutrition, nursing, mental health, physical therapy, masters of public health, pharmacy, medicine, undergraduate interpreting, in-house and Fairview labs, and a small dispensing pharmacy. Volunteers also provide referrals to outside clinics when needed and work with patients to recommend social programs that may be of service to them. Through PNC, our fellow in-need Minnesotans benefit from cost-free healthcare and our future healthcare providers are given a chance to learn and give back to the community.

As a clinic coordinator, I have faced inquiries from patients regarding our website on multiple occasions. Many of them have expressed that they wish that our website was easier to navigate and had more updated and specific information. A specific example of this is our dermatology and foot care nights. While we have clinic nights every Monday and Wednesday, occasionally a night will provide additional dermatology or foot care services. We try advertising these nights the best we can in clinic, but having a website that is easy to edit and navigate would help keep patients informed and better able to utilize these special services. Since students are largely responsible for the "behind the scenes" management of the clinic on top of clinic nights, we have a decent amount of turnover in volunteers as we graduate. This further necessitates the need for an easily editable website since we don't have long-term "technology gurus" on hand.

I think that the Overnight Nerdery Website Challenge would be able to make our website more user friendly for patients (and volunteers!) as well as make it easier for our leadership to update in order to keep it current! The more user-friendly it is, the better we can keep our patient base informed and the easier it will be for volunteers to access volunteer resources.


A PNC volunteer

2013-02-07 04:15:15 UTC
Dr. Nathaniel Scott - Former Volunteer

In a world where Obamacare, the Fiscal Cliff, and Death Panels dominate the healthcare headlines, the PNC quietly exists as a place where student volunteers care for people that our society has overlooked. In medical school, I learned anatomy. At the PNC, I discovered what it meant to be a physician. That may seem like an overstatement, but it's not.

The patients that the PNC serves deserve to have a robust, modern healthcare experience, which means a clinic supported by state-of-the-art website. Effort spent to provide the PNC with an updated website would go towards a truly worthwhile cause.

2013-02-07 14:46:32 UTC

PNC has been a great opportunity for me as a student to reach out to the community. Moreover, I am able to practice my Spanish communication skills in a clinical setting, which will be beneficial to my professional development and advancement as a nurse in the future. As a volunteer, we are asked to do outreach volunteering as well. I volunteered at APOD this semester and through this community outreach commitment I was exposed to diabetic culture. The biweekly meetings included intake (blood pressure and weight) followed by a conversation regarding the group members’ health. The group members discussed everything from diet to exercise to doctor’s visits. During this time, the diabetics learned how to manage their chronic disease from each other. For those who must adapt to the diabetic culture, it appears to be a difficult transition. A diabetic must constantly be mindful of his/her eating habits and pattern. Moreover, a newly diagnosed diabetic must be willing to make changes in all aspects of his/her life. This experience has made me more aware of my own eating and exercise habits. In addition, I have a better understanding of the disease and the hardships faced by those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Through questions posed to the group members, I have also learned that we, the health care professionals, are not the experts but the individuals who must manage their disease all day every day are. Therefore, we must remember to assess their understanding prior to providing education.

2013-02-08 00:13:42 UTC
Richard Sturgeon

I am a relatively new community Board Member for the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic. The Mission and Vision of the clinic creates a milieu that simultaneously addresses client’s health and health impactful social needs. I am quite taken with these talented, dedicated and engaging young adults. They are providing a crucial service to a community of citizens living in the neighborhood where I worked (in the health care field) for the last 30 years. The Phillips community has embraced this unique team work approach to address patient multidisciplinary health needs.
The demand for their services is exceeding the clinic’s finite resources. Several sources of in-kind support allow them to continue these community health services. Of note, they are succeeding in spite of having complete staff turnover every two years. As the students graduate and leave school, new undergraduates step to take their place.
This turnover issue causes a pressing need for vibrant information packed user friendly web site. The web site will embody the institutional memory. We need this mechanism to preserve the mission, vision, and culture while informing the continual new staff members.
We need the PNC web site to project clarity of our unique program and resources to the general public. Further, the web site will be an important component in the clinical processes for client-user self-help programs.
Please give strong consideration to the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic request for web site help. Thank you in advance.

Richard Sturgeon MD

2013-02-08 02:40:01 UTC

As a volunteer at the PNC, I can't put into words what a great organization it is. Not only is the PNC a wonderful learning environment for students in healthcare fields, but it is also a way to provide care to those who would not otherwise have the resources they need. At the PNC, the patient is always number 1. A new website would be a great next step that would make communication between various members of the care teams much more efficient, and in turn provide the patient with quality care in a timely manner. As a member of the PNC team, I see first hand the care and commitment that is poured into the clinic every single night.

2013-02-08 03:39:22 UTC
Maria Finke - student volunteer and board member

As the Education Chair for the clinic, I oversee training volunteers and ensuring that time volunteers devote to PNC is as beneficial for them as it is for the community. I had the privilege of reading reflections volunteers wrote about culturally rich experiences they have had while working in clinic or doing community outreach. Our volunteers have the opportunity to work with the most underserved and underrepresented members of our community. In these experiences, they learn firsthand about barriers to health care language, religion, culture, education, etc. and how humanistic, culturally sensitive communication and approaches can break down these barriers. I was deeply impressed with and proud of my peers at the clinic. I think this highlights the importance of the clinic's dual mission. Not only are we able to provide care for patient's who may not otherwise have access to it, we also provide education for our future health care professionals enabling them to provide the best possible care for all members of our community throughout their careers. New England Journal of Medicine recently published an article that supported the importance of service learning in medical education. The PNC demonstrates an exemplary service learning opportunity. A new website will allow us to continue to grow in our mission. It will help us to connect more effectively with our community, grow our fundraising efforts to expand our services, and recruit more student volunteers from 7 different health professional programs to gain experience in clinic.

2013-02-08 16:06:50 UTC
Antonio Rodriguez

Tienen exelente servicio. Los personas son muy amables apesar que son estudiantes de medicina y creo que se meresen el credito de ser mejor apesar que no ablan mucho espanol pero su amabilidad los ase distinguir de muchas personas.

2013-02-08 16:10:00 UTC

Yo tube una buena experiencia en la clinica por que es una buena oportunidad tener me medisina gratis. Los estudiantes son amable y me alludan mucho.

2013-02-08 16:12:42 UTC
Javier Sanchez Hdez

Desde el punto de visita mio es muy importante esta clinica y espero que siga funcionando como hasta ahora y de ser posible que les alluden con mas personal para que se den abasto de atender a mas personas.

2013-02-08 16:15:33 UTC

Creo que la clinica web nesesita el apollo para que tengamos una mejor clinica y una mejor atencion porque todos los doctores son muy buenos. Yo vengo cada 3 meses y siempre me dan buena atencion.

2013-02-08 16:56:05 UTC
Anna Berglund- Student volunteer & board member

Phillips Neighborhood Clinic is one of the few clinics in the Twin Cities that provides free care to anyone in need. The free services that PNC provides are not limited to medical visits and prescriptions, but include physical therapy, mental health counseling, nursing education, nutritional counseling, assistance with state and federal aid applications, and many social and medical referrals. Many of our patients face socioeconomic barriers that make access to care difficult, and they would have nowhere else to go for these services if it weren’t for the PNC. PNC volunteers also engage in community outreach, so our impact on the Phillips community extends far beyond our clinic walls.

Our current website does not do justice to the services we provide to our patients and to the community. A new website would help us better advertise our services and build community partnerships so that we can continue to improve the health and wellness of our community. It would also serve as a central location for all of the resources that our volunteers need to excel in their roles in clinic and in the community.

2013-02-08 20:12:29 UTC
Dr. Sharon Allen

I work at the PNC as a preceptor. The PNC is inspirational. It is so refreshing to work with young students and multi-disciplines. It is amazing to watch them work as a team with the patient at the center. It is what we should be doing in our own clinics. The enthusiasm, the energy and the compassion for the patients is exemplary.

Dr. Sharon Allen
Professor of Family Medicine

2013-02-08 20:28:48 UTC
Phillips Neighborhood Clinic Volunteer

I have been volunteering at the PNC for the past few months and it has been an absolutely amazing experience! The patients are so appreciative and kind, teaching us more than we could ever learn in the classroom. The experience at the PNC is enriching, a wonderful way to learn new clinical skills, and to work with amazing individuals! A new website would greatly enhance the lives of potential patients, as well as the volunteers, preceptors, and many others in the community.

2013-02-08 20:33:46 UTC
Jeremy Reed

The PNC deserves the opportunity very much. They provide a much appreciated service to the patients and the people come here are shown much respect. They have great dedication to doing what they have to do to meet the patients' needs to why they're here. The location and times are a great convenience to when you need to be seen. I also think it's great that it's also a teaching opportunity to the med students which I find great pride in helping them reach their goals. I am grateful to be a part of this clinic.

2013-02-08 21:13:39 UTC
Chrystian Pereira, Pharm.D.

I volunteer at the PNC because it represents some of the ideals in medicine that are so easily forgotten in practice. 1) The patient's health is the only reward. 2) together we can achieve a better outcome than me alone. 3) Everyone I work with is dedicated to the same mission... or else they would not be here. 4) Everyone is a teacher, everyone is a learner - from students to patients to providers alike.

2013-02-09 01:56:07 UTC
Physical Therapy Volunteer

I consider Phillips Neighborhood Clinic one of the best clinics in this state. Not because PNC produces better outcomes, or is more efficient than many clinics. It's an organization that produces so much good to the community it serves, and to its volunteers. Despite current policies, healthcare is becoming increasingly more and more inaccessible to our population. The sad fact is if our patients didn't have PNC, they wouldn't have healthcare. Often times, patients work so many hours that for them to come to PNC, their issue must be truly debilitating. To me, one of the most satisfying things about clinic is when you finish your last patient visit and realize what a difference you made in someone's life. Maybe you took away their pain, maybe you gave them control over their condition, but that to me is what makes PNC so great.

The development of it's volunteers is also a great good performed by PNC. The direct patient experience and interprofessional relationships has really helped me develop, to a much greater depth than I feel my peers have experienced.

Please consider PNC strongly for your website challenge. Our current website does not do our clinic justice. A new website would help our clinic expand our abilities to deliver care to our patients, better coordinate and advertise care, and help direct new volunteer knowledge.

2013-02-09 05:07:56 UTC
Heidi Walz, MD

I volunteered at Phillips Neighborhood Clinic in 2003 as a first year medical student. It is an amazing effort to bring affordable health care to a segment of the population in dire need. At the same time it is invaluable training for health care professionals. It is truly a student led initiative with bare bones resources. A new website will help coordinate the volunteers and more importantly disseminate information to the patients they serve.

2013-02-09 22:53:12 UTC
Phat Tran - Board Member & Student Volunteer

Joining the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic (PNC) has been one of the best decisions, if not the best decision, I have ever made! PNC became a second home for me during the last couple years. It has helped me in developing my future professional career, one that focuses on the patient. I truly believe that the PNC experience is valuable and instrumental in professional development of future health care providers. The professional development is the practice of conduct, aims, and qualities that will characterize one’s mark into a profession. This needs to begin prior to entering into a professional program and through programs/organizations like these that ones professional development flourishes. Experience has shown that the attitudes and behaviors that characterize a professional cannot be learned from a textbook or lecture. Rather, they must be actively acquired and inculcated through the process of professional socialization. In this sense, the development of true professional development may be one of the most important and yet most difficult aspects of the transition from students to practicing health professional. I truly appreciate the opportunity I have had through PNC to care for underserved patients and to interact effectively with students of other programs. Through having a leadership role during my second and third year at the PNC, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of how to train volunteers and enhance clinic flow. These are lessons that will be priceless as I begin my career. Thank you, PNC!

2013-02-10 00:07:39 UTC
Stacy Bednar

The Phillips Neighborhood Clinic (PNC) is an indispensable resource to the community. I have worked as a Mental Health Preceptor there for about four years and am in awe of the services and support offered every night that I am there. The students/preceptors/the board have worked tirelessly to continue to build a free clinic that will provide the best service to the greatest number of people in need. Because the clinic and everyone who runs it/works there is a volunteer, there is a great need for support in building a new site. A new site could be used to most effectively get the word out about such an incredible resource in our community as well as to communicate more effectively with patients and staff/students. These students and preceptors are amazing, everyone would be most grateful if you chose the PNC as the recipient for the gratis website rebuild. THANK YOU!

2013-02-10 03:26:54 UTC
Shelly Lettmann - student volunteer & board member

As a volunteer at the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic (PNC) for the past three years, I am grateful for all the experiences that have helped shape my future career in pharmacy. A similar gratitude for the clinic can be found in our patients. Many patients regularly express their thankfulness for the services and resources provided at the PNC; most of our patients would be unable to afford or access these services elsewhere. A redesigned website would go a long way in maintaining and improving the PNC's ability to offer its services to both patients and volunteers. An improved external website will better represent all we have to offer for members of the community who may need our help, while a streamlined internal website will make it much easier for our volunteers to gain access to the information necessary to provide our patients with optimal care. The PNC's volunteers and patients would be very excited and appreciative to receive a new website!

2013-02-10 12:18:26 UTC
Brian Sick, MD - Medical Director

As the Medical Director for the PNC for the last 6 years, I have seen how crucial the health care that we provide to the community is. The people that come to the clinic would either go without care or would seek care in a very expensive emergency room. To provide this level of care we need hundreds of volunteers. Unfortunately, with this level of volunteer involvement comes significant challenges in terms of communication (amongst the volunteers, with patients and with supporters), scheduling, transition from year to year, retention of institutional memory, and education. We also need a way to raise the funds that we need to operate the clinic which requires a way to see the work of the clinic easily but then also a place to donate easily. The students who work in the clinic are health professional students who, although technologically savvy, are far from experts in designing a web platform that will do all of this. Assistance with a new web site designed to do all of the above would be a huge step forward for us and would ultimately allow us to care for our patient population better.

2013-02-10 15:57:19 UTC
Chris Ryer - Board member & volunteer

The PNC is a hugely impactful clinic. The patients we serve absolutely need us, and most would not have another feasible way to receive healthcare. Our clinic also performs community outreach, which extends our presence beyond the exam room. The PNC really does everything possible to provide comprehensive care to its patient community. Lastly, the development of volunteers through interprofessional care and direct patient care really helps us develop something that I feel a lot of our peers are missing out on. I think it builds compassion in our volunteers and a better understanding of what it means to work as part of a care team. A volunteer who has developed those two strengths will be a better clinician to their patients, their community, and their peers. A website such as this would be a huge step forward for PNC. We need to be able to better orchestrate our services by offering resources for our community, increasing our exposure, and managing our volume of volunteers better. I think the website challenge would allow that, which will translate to better patient care in the future.

2013-02-11 06:56:08 UTC
Ryan Erdmier - Student Volunteer and Board Member

The student volunteers for the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic improve the well-being of others both within and beyond the walls of the clinic we operate out of. Each volunteer commits to community outreach shifts they fulfill at community organizations throughout the academic year. The clinic aims to continually develop new community partnerships while strengthening those that already exist. Whether it is preparing and serving food at Loaves and Fishes or checking blood pressure at A Partnership of Diabetics, our volunteers seek to have meaningful experiences with the members of the Phillips neighborhood. This outreach ultimately provides the clinic with a better understanding of the overall well-being of the neighborhood and actively engages the clinic in the events that are impacting the residents of the Phillips neighborhood. In order to better schedule our volunteers for their outreach shifts, we go through a technologically cumbersome process of organizing, scheduling, and communicating the information between our site leaders and the volunteers. Ideally, if this information would be available on an internal website, it would provide an opportunity for site leaders and volunteers alike to more easily schedule and access their shifts. Community leaders have repeatedly expressed satisfaction with the time our volunteers share with the organizations we partner with. A website with an internal link would provide a more streamlined process for communicating outreach sites, shifts, and follow-up for our volunteers and schedulers.

2013-02-11 18:04:27 UTC

The cost of health care in the US is a barrier. At the PNC we not only breakdown the barrier of cost, but we address the barrier of communication by providing interpreters to our patients, many of whom are not fluent in English. For many of our patients there is no other viable care option within the Phillips neighborhood. The volunteers at the clinic work hard to provide quality care. A new website would certainly help us communicate more effectively within the organization and to the greater South Minneapolis community.

2013-02-11 23:52:56 UTC
Alicia Kemp

I am a medical student that volunteers with the clinic, and I have to say that the PNC is the most wonderful place I've ever donated time to. We help the patients that have fallen through the cracks, the patients that need help the most. The enthusiasm and compassion I see every time I'm at the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic is awe-inspiring, and I know that the impoverished Phillip's neighborhood appreciates our services and positive outreach into the community.

2013-02-12 16:46:57 UTC

I've learned so much at the PNC over the past two years. The PNC provides students with a collaborative, fun place to learn about interdisciplinary health practice. I've enjoyed getting to know people from other disciplines, and learning about how each health discipline fits into a patient's health care experience. I've been able to meet interesting patients who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and I've gained a deeper appreciation for the struggles that low-income people face when trying to maintain their health. The PNC has allowed me to practice my clinical nutrition skills and become more confident in nutrition education and patient interaction. Working at the PNC has greatly enhanced my graduate school experience!

2013-02-12 18:38:13 UTC

I'm a social work volunteer at the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic. I'm impressed at how organized it is and how the students are so dedicated to making it work. We learn from each other and support each other in an integrated care approach, which is in the best interest of the patients by addressing a variety of needs. The PNC has a strong presence in the neighborhood and a new website would help raise even more awareness of the fabulous work going on.

2013-02-12 23:57:31 UTC
Torey Prahl, PD2

I have been extremely fortunate to be a volunteer at the PNC for the better part of the last two years, and I can say with conviction that my time and efforts invested in this organization is among the best choices of my life. The PNC is an incredible institution in the underserved community of south Minneapolis, and it provides its volunteers an extraordinary learning and service opportunity that I have found to be truly unique. Not only does it allow us as students to develop and hone our clinical skills as healthcare practitioners, its operational and administration structures allow us to grow as leaders and effect change that benefits all those involved. When we as students get caught up in the troubling grind of exams and quizzes and powerpoint slides, spending an evening at PNC is sincerely rejuvenating in the sense that it reminds us why we chose to pursue careers in the business of helping and serving others.

2013-02-13 01:35:53 UTC

The PNC is an incredible team learning environment with a diverse patient population willing to help us become better health care providers. I have a greater appreciation for all of the various providers contributions and roles in the health care of each patient. Integrated medicine is a way to provide the the best care possible, and to be learning this now while in medical school is a great opportunity. In terms of the patients, I feel my time here has helped me appreciate the uniqueness each patient brings. The approach to the visit and plan of care needs to be just as individualized, and being able to do this takes practice. The PNC gives us this practice above and beyond anything we do within the medical school walls, and I am grateful to be a volunteer at such a place.

2013-02-13 18:40:38 UTC

I couldn't imagine going through medical school without having the experience of volunteering with the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic. It's a vital service both to the community and to the training of Minnesota's future health professionals. There are many reasons why a new website will add to this mission. Attracting and retaining hundreds of student volunteers takes a lot of organizational power. As a volunteer as well as the clinic's interpreter coordinator, I have noticed that the clinic's members do not use the internal or public website very often. The clinic has a number of special services that with a friendlier website would be more utilized by the community including diabetic foot care, skin care nights, and other special events that are often under-attended. We also serve a diverse population with many Spanish-speaking patients. It would be extremely useful to have a functioning bi-lingual site.

2013-02-15 23:36:56 UTC
Ryan Dean

As a student volunteer, the PNC has been a wonderful place to develop skills as a future physician while connecting with patients from under-served parts of Minneapolis. Just the other day I was able to guide a man through how to manage his diabetes medications. It was great to be able to apply some of what I had been learning in school to help a patient. Not only that, but I was able to work on important skills such as taking a history that will be crucial to my career as a physician. He was so appreciative of my help and of the support the PNC provides. He had just lost his insurance and had no idea where to turn while he looked for new insurance. The PNC plays a vital role in the Twin Cities by provide care to many patients like this man who would otherwise have fallen through the cracks in the traditional healthcare system.

2013-02-17 15:36:05 UTC
Marshall Hertz, MD

I participated for 3 years as a faculty "preceptor" for PNC and am a committed advocate for this program. Here are some of the great features of PNC: 1) outstanding opportunity for health professional students to work together in a team-oriented, student-led care environment; 2) fulfills an important need for "outsiders" in the American healthcare system; 3) provides a way for faculty and practitioners to "give back" to the local community. I am also a faculty advisor for medical students and can attest to the fact that PNC is a favorite among the medical students!

Our Mission

The mission of the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic is two-fold: To provide accessible, culturally appropriate, interdisciplinary health care services and education in order to reduce the burdens of poor medical access and raise the quality of life for our patients. To provide health professional students with the skills they need to effectively and compassionately serve people who are underinsured and/or unstably housed. Each year we serve nearly 1,000 patients, most of whom have no health insurance and no regular access to health care, at no cost to them. In addition, we educate approximately 350 volunteers each year and provide them with the opportunity gain important skills through direct patient interaction.